Artist Statement


Sentiments of loss and longing are common among those whose experiences of belonging are bound up in attachment to homeland.  As an immigrant my perception of home is constantly measured against where I am not.  Conceptually my work reflects on fragmentation, time and the space between collision and intersection.  While my art practice often includes other elements such as video and installation, I consider these as facets of my painting practice. Depictions of sublime spaces such as sea and sky are places in which I explore the relationship between the miniature and the gigantic, places of containment where I can attempt to capture and arrest the expansiveness of such spaces within the frame of the painting.  I am exploring questions of position and location or point of view, in other words questions of inside and outside, above or below, small or big.  I like to layer imagery that might be incongruous and to create illusory, “portals” into another space.  The work reflects on what it is like to exist in the “in between” space, to be somewhere where yet never really anywhere in the context of geographic space and also the various physical and psychological spaces we inhabit in our daily existence.